Golden Arrow

Golden Arrow could be described as a band, but are really more of a collective of universal explorers, seeking to create their own world. Not content with the ordinary they have decided to embark upon a nomadic lifestyle of traveling, creating music, living, loving and playing shows along the way.

So follow us as the journey begins to unfold...

Golden Arrow has been:

Lisa Mitchell, Jessie Warren, Lanie Lane, Tansie Bennetts, Aleesha Dibbs, Jan Bangma and Rob Vasey. With many contributors many contributors, Todd Dixon, Stu Barlow and Eliza Lam

Friday, July 1, 2011

Miss you like the rain.

Well Things have been a bit quiet around here, with everyone working on their personal projects there hasn't been a lot of time for Golden Arrow adventures. Fortunately The is a new Gold Arrow song making it's way through the air waves to your pretty little ears.

Miss you like the rain is a song we covered of the wonderful Clare Bowditch. We created a few more verses and just put our own spin on the already amazing song. You can now get it HERE on Clare's latest EP. The EP also includes songs with Gotye and Lanie Lane.

Happy Listening and you'll be hearing a lot more from us soon.

The Arrows

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