Golden Arrow

Golden Arrow could be described as a band, but are really more of a collective of universal explorers, seeking to create their own world. Not content with the ordinary they have decided to embark upon a nomadic lifestyle of traveling, creating music, living, loving and playing shows along the way.

So follow us as the journey begins to unfold...

Golden Arrow has been:

Lisa Mitchell, Jessie Warren, Lanie Lane, Tansie Bennetts, Aleesha Dibbs, Jan Bangma and Rob Vasey. With many contributors many contributors, Todd Dixon, Stu Barlow and Eliza Lam

Monday, August 9, 2010

On the very long road to Woodford

The road to splendor was a long one but full of adventure. A late night reunion with Lisa, Stu, Aleesha and Rob who had finally made it back from London, was followed by a few hours sleep and an early morning check in led by Tour Manager Todd and his magical cowboy hat. Once we arrived in Brisbane we met up with Lanie and Jessie and made our way to a rehearsal space where we had a few hours to practice for the first time together since recording.

After practice we went on a mission to find gumboots which were apparently completely sold out in QLD. A few hours in a shopping centre and rob ended up with these!

So with a few pairs of gum boots and Rob very happy with his new fold out brush/mirror, we marched back to the van to find a jet lagged Stu asleep against the tyre.

We had been warned that it would be busy going into Woodford that night but we were not prepared for the gridlock that followed. What should have been a one hour drive turned into over four hours going at snails pace. But instead of sitting cramped up and complaining we made the most of it by having some sing alongs on the side of the side of the road.

Here are a few snaps from along the way.


After recording a few demos then all separating for a month, Lisa decided the perfect place to have our first gig would be Splendor In The Grass! Seeing as Lisa was already playing there we decided to hijack half her set and do some of our new songs. With only a few days to go before traveling up to Brisbane and with half the band stuck in London there was nothing much to do except make some amazing stage decorations. So after a trip to spotlight and Jessie's magical flour glue, we got to work...

Thursday, July 22, 2010

The beginning...

Golden Arrow started as a little seedling under the earth in Tansie's back garden until Lisa came along and started to sing. It then started to grow, unlike the sea monkeys who despite our tender care never emerged into the promising inch long critters the packet promised. There were many smoke signals and carrier pigeons flown between us from our different locations around the country and as ideas started to take form the seedling started to become a sunflower. Finally the time arrived and on the back of various giant birds Aleesha, Tansie, and Lanie flew to the tent that Jessie and Lisa had created from sheets, pegs, and fairy lights. Rob, Stu and Eliza joined in and underneath the patchwork sky started to create magical music. And so it begun...